Fashion Made For You

I will share with you my personal style and things I adore, please feel free to take a peek.

Category: nicola’s x ines atelier

Fashion Made For You – Burgundy

                                                                                          sneakers: adidas                                                                                          suit: nicola’s x ines atelier                                                                                          shirt: nicola’s x ines atelier                                                                                          coat: nicola’s x ines atelier                                                                                          beanie: primark                                                                                          earrings: mango

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Fashion Made For You – Asymmetric

                                                                                          boots: mango                                                                                           skirt: nicola’s x ines atelier                                                                                           shirt: nicola’s x ines atelier                                                                                           coat: nicola’s x ines atelier                                                                                           bag: zara                                                                                           beanie: primark                                                                                           sunglasses: mango

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